Here are links to some of my poems that have appeared online:
“Mishnah Kiddushah” in Keyhole
“Eden Was Here” in Newfound
“Listing to Port” in Palooka
Four poems at PANK
“Phantom Limbs” in Margin
“Cloudy Reflections” on the Seattle Metro Buses Website

Below are clips from improvised poetry performances in German and English at Lyrik Nacht, 2015 in Nuremberg:

In the following clip, I read “Another Champagne Morning” at the FUSION IV show at Space Gallery in Denver, Colorado:

In this one I read from “Firefly” for the Bad Shadow Affair Reading Series at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver, Colorado:

And in the clip below I read a few poems for the Voice Over Reading Series in Spokane, Washington. The lisp you will hear is a product of my dear friend’s mischievous camera.