Test Tube with a View, Finishing Line Press, 2016.

Test Tube with a View, by Shira Richman and published by Finishing Line Press, explores the odd results that a spirit of setting out into the wilds begets. In these poems, adventure is evaluated through imaginative music and metaphor, showing the process of getting lost from new vantage points–each with a spectacular view.

Eden Was Here, dancing girl press, 2014.

Whale Bound
what is whale
and where does it
end why didn’t baleen
sort us out inside
is safe and deranged
we could die
never knowing our
own ninevahs
or even if they
exist that we float inside
bellies of yeses we traded
for nos not so
unlike jonah
who also might grade
papers on saturday
papers on sunday
monday eve tuesday
no time to muse
on what one should write or
not write no time
to hear his own
alien echo on taste
budded tongue where
whale begins and where
he surely must end